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Elastic Glute Bands

Elastic Glute Bands

Elastic Glute Bands

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>>> When buying a SET you pay for two pieces

Suitable for young people and low strength women, it can effectively stretch and exercise the muscles of the whole body, stabilize the posture and control the stretching distance, effectively improve the physical activity capacity and shape the perfect body curvature.

It is an aid to yoga and pilates. It can increase the enjoyment of exercise, change a single exercise style.

The tension belt has extra lines on the inside that play a non-slip effect

Purple 600*50*0.5mm tension value 10-15lb 16g
Pink 600*50*0.7mm tension value 15-20lb 20g
Blue 600*50*0.9mm tension value 20-30lb 26g
Grey 600*50*1.1mm tension value 30-40lb 31g

Package Content:
4 tension belts of different colors and thicknesses (SET)
Fabric pouches




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